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1975 Jun

1975 Jun Formerly Sunny King Machinery, established in Luzhou Township, Taipei County (currently Luzhou District, New Taipei City). Engaged in manufacturing and repair of rotary and reciprocating vacuum pumps, internal and external gear pumps, and industrial blowers.

1976 Oct

Reorganized as Sunny King Machinery Co., Ltd. Manufacturing plant relocated to purchased land in Xinzhuang Township, Taipei County (currently Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City) and production equipment expanded, becoming a professional pump manufacturing plant.


Developed SKH-series direct driven centrifugal pumps, SP/SPH close-coupled centrifugal pumps, O-series self-priming pumps, liquid-ring vacuum pumps and high-pressure plunger pumps.


Obtained Ministry of Economic Affairs’ export quality control and inspection certification.

Developed SWV two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump.


Successfully developed SR/SRD single-stage and two-stage rotary vane oil-sealed vacuum pumps.


Developed mechanical booster vacuum pump.


Completed phase-two expansion of Xinzhuang manufacturing plant.


Developed SCH/SOH/SCK/SCD-series DIN24255/ISO5199 centrifugal pumps, officially adopting international specifications.


Collaborated with Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories, ITRI, to develop high-performance pump used in manufacturing process, and completed an ISO9906-compliant computerized centrifugal pump performance testing platform. Implemented ISO9002 quality assurance system.


Obtained Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection’s ISO9002 recognition and registration.

Introduced MRP production management system.


Established Sunny King Machinery Zhongli manufacturing plant.


Began research on screw pump core technology.


Obtained Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection’s ISO9001:2000 recognition and registration.


Completed development of OH-series self-priming process pump.

2004 Jul

Completed phase-three expansion of Xinzhuang manufacturing plant.

2007 Aug

Began selling SDV dry screw vacuum pump.

2008 Aug

Began selling CR/CRV triple- screw pump.

2008 Dec

Began selling CT twin-screw pump.

2011 Apr

Installed ISO1607-compliant computerized performance testing platform for positive displacement vacuum pump.

2011 Jun

Began selling ACH/AOH-series ANSI B73.1 centrifugal process pump.

2012 Mar

Began selling ACN series ANSI B73.1 dynamic-seal centrifugal process pump.

2012 Aug

Completed phase-two expansion of Zhongli manufacturing plant and second set of computerized centrifugal pump testing platform.


Introduced flowfield analysis simulation software, advancing deeper into fluid machinery research so as to develop more efficient and reliable products for the future.