SKH Direct-Driven Centrifugal Pump
General factory water supply, high-rise water supply, cooling water, circulating water
Pollution control equipment, sewage treatment water conveyance
Conveyance of seasoned liquid for food or beverage production
Conveyance of dying and finishing water, and materials in textile, dying and finishing industry
Conveyance of chemical liquids and solvents in general chemical industries
Product Description
  • Proven industrial applications  for more than 25 years, reliable and excellent performance
  • High efficiency, suitable for regular duty operations
  • Long bearing interval design of bearing bracket, low axial force and radial force, providing excellent work life
  • Dynamic balanced close type impeller, providing more excellent operational stability
  • Multiple selection of shaft seal, for installation of gland packing seal or mechanical shaft seal of universal types and chemical types
  • Use of internationally known brand of Swedish manufactured SKF bearing, durable bearing provide best assurance
Product Specifications

Performance List Download

  • Flow: Up to 3m3/min
  • Head: Up to 70 m
  • HP: 0.5~30 HP
  • Impeller: Close type
  • Flange: Standard JIS 5K FF or 10K FF (depending on different models)
  • Shaft seal: Gland packing, mechanical seal
  • Bearing bracket: Standard type (maintenance free  greased bearing with anti-dust cover) 
  • Material:FC200 cast iron, 304/316/316L stainless steel, monel alloy
Standard Accessories
  • E-type shaft coupling
  • Shaft coupling protective hood
  • Common base
Optional accessories
  • 3-Phase induction motor:  208~480V 60/50Hz
  • Butt joint flange