ACH ANSI Standard Process Pump ( en-closed Impeller)
Process Pump, design based on ANSI B73.1 requirement.
Petrochemical industry, textile dyeing and finishing industry, food industry, chemical industry, general factory water supply, high-rise water supply, cooling water, circulating water, sewage treatment and highly alkaline and acid corrosion liquids, high temperature high pressure liquids, and all other special liquids may be used.
Product Description


  • Design dimensions comply with ANSI B73.1 regulations.
  • Casing 3.2mm corrosion tolerance,  providing excellent durability.
  • Back-pull-out design, providing rapid and simple disassembly and re-assembly.
  • End suction, centerline discharge, providing the best pipe support ability.
  • Dynamic balanced impeller, providing steady and quiet operation
  • Supports API vibration regulation and shaft seal flushing plans.
  • Provides reinforced edition for heavy-duty operation
Product Specifications


  • Impeller: enclosed type
  • Flange: ANSI 150Lb RF
  • Shaft seal: Gland packing, mechanical seal, cartridge type mechanical seal
  • Bearing bracket: Standard type (maintenance free  greased bearing with anti-dust cover)
    Heavy-duty type ( Oil-lubrication angular contact bearings + labyrinth  seal) 
  • Material:FC200 cast iron, 304/316/316L stainless steel, monel alloy
Standard Accessories
  • E-type shaft coupling
  • Shaft coupling guard
  • Base