O-type Self-Priming Pump
Chemical industry, liquid fuel conveyance
Conveyance in wine, soybean sauce and other fermented food industry
Vessels, miscellaneous purposes, coalmine, water drainage on mine mountain
General industrial water supply, sewage drainage, farm irrigation
Water supply for tank containers vehicle, water supply truck, water sprinkler truck
Product Description
  • Main body of special construction, high Self-Priming capability, short pumping time
  • Impeller of semi-open type, suitable for liquid conveyance of dirt water, sewage, blending of solids
  • No need to install foot valve; autonomous pumping up after initial filling of water, thereby reducing the trouble of water filling process
Product Specifications
  • Flow: Up to 0.8 m3/min
  • Head: Up to 60 m
  • HP: 1 to  15 HP
  • Liquid temperature: 0℃~80℃
  • Flange: JIS 5K FF or 10K FF (depending on model)
  • Shaft seal: Mechanical seal.
  • Bearing bracket: Standard type (maintenance free  greased bearing with anti-dust cover)
    Heavy-duty type ( Oil-lubrication angular contact bearings + labyrinth  seal) 
  • Material:FC200 cast iron, 304/316/316L stainless steel, monel alloy


Standard Accessories

  • E-type shaft coupling
  • Shaft coupling protective hood
  • Common base


Optional accessories
  • 3-Phase induction motor:  208~480V 60/50Hz
  • Butt joint flange