Product Selection and Presales Service

Our service team has extensive professional capabilities and user experience in the field of industrial pumps. Whether you are an equipment purchaser or plant system designer, we have the most professional service personnel to provide recommendations for your product selection, and solve any problems you may have regarding product specification selection and verification, and product applications.

Product/Component and Repair/Maintenance History Management

Following the development trend of information technology, we have been ahead of industry peers since 1995 in introducing computerized information system in quality management. Since 1998, every pump we ship has its own computer record. As long as the pump serial number is provided, we will be able to trace manufacturing information, such as components/parts and technical drawings, and repair/maintenance record. Responding rapidly, we can solve customers’ equipment problems, order spare parts and arrange for on-site repair service, minimizing equipment downtime.

Pump Equipment Inspection/ Repair and Training

Pump performance and reliability are often affected by whether pump equipment is correctly used and maintained, whether piping design is appropriate, and whether user operation and maintenance personnel have the right pump knowledge and concept. When selecting pump equipment supplier, an important consideration for users is whether, when a problem occurs in the production line, the supplier can find the real cause and help to correct it.

Available Pump Inspection/ Testing and Maintenance/Repair items:

  • Shaft alignment
  • Vibration analysis
  • Pump efficiency test
  • Commissioning test
  • Noise test
  • Consultation on improvement of equipment problems
  • Pump equipment and component replacement

Customer-end Equipment Maintenance Personnel Training:

  • Pump equipment basic training
  • Maintenance/repair and troubleshooting
  • Theory and practical training
  • Pump alignment