Research and Development

Since 1990, Sunny King collaborated with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to develop centrifugal pump core technology. Beginning 1999, the company also participated in the ITRI’s dry vacuum pump R&D project. In recent years, the company has even adopted computerized simulation and analysis system to improve the energy efficiency and reliability of pumps. Currently, Sunny King is fully equipped to design and manufacture centrifugal pumps, gear pumps and vacuum pumps, and outfitted with ISO9906-compliant pump performance testing platform, giving it complete technical expertise ranging from basic R&D to product performance validation. Design and development is basically divided into three stages, i.e. conceptual design, preliminary design and detailed design. From the decision on basic product specifications, such as technical requirements and structural form, at the conceptual design stage to detailed dimensions and analysis of components at the detailed design stage, the company utilizes computer software and years of technical experience, combined with fluid dynamics analysis and validation, to complete product development at various stages.

Conceptual Design Stage:

Deciding on the structural form and applicable specifications of the pump. The following diagram is the conceptual design for SCH100-16.

Preliminary Design:

Using the designing of impeller for centrifugal pump as an example, the first step is to determine the basic design criteria for the impeller based on actual experience and mathematical modeling.

Detailed Design:

After determining the basic criteria, technical parameters related to impeller performance are keyed into the development software.

Simulation and Testing:

Finally, an initial software simulation of pump performance is generated to verify the feasibility of the design.

Product Testing and Performance Validation:

After design verification, a prototype is built and validation of its performance is conducted on site in accordance with standard test conditions. Any changes in design will be based on result of test run.

Major Sunny King patents:

  • BSMI utility model patent for “explosion-proof vacuum pump”.
  • BSMI utility model patent for “shaft alignment structure of motor coupling”.
  • TIPO invention patent for “pairing screw rotor gear type”.
  • US patent for “gradationally contracted screw compression equipment”.
  • TIPO utility model patent for “internally cooling rotary compressor”.
  • US patent for “internally cooling rotary compression equipment”.
  • TIPO utility model patent for “two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump”.
  • SIPO utility model patent for “two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump”.
  • TIPO utility model patent for “v-shape ring with positioning/rotating base”.
  • TIPO utility model patent for “vacuum pump differential pressure controller”.
  • SIPO utility model patent for “vacuum pump differential pressure controller”.