General Industrial Centrifugal Pump
General Industrial Centrifugal Pump
SP/SPH Close-Coupled Centrifugal Pump
Circulating cooling water, high-rise water supply, condominium water supply, firefighting system water pumping, pumping general engineering water, agricultural irrigation water, pumping swimming pool water
General Industrial Centrifugal Pump
SKH Direct-Driven Centrifugal Pump
General factory water supply, high-rise water supply, cooling water, circulating water
Pollution control equipment, sewage treatment water conveyance
Conveyance of seasoned liquid for food or beverage production
Conveyance of dying and finishing water, and materials in textile, dying and finishing industry
Conveyance of chemical liquids and solvents in general chemical industries
General Industrial Centrifugal Pump
O-type Self-Priming Pump
Chemical industry, liquid fuel conveyance
Conveyance in wine, soybean sauce and other fermented food industry
Vessels, miscellaneous purposes, coalmine, water drainage on mine mountain
General industrial water supply, sewage drainage, farm irrigation
Water supply for tank containers vehicle, water supply truck, water sprinkler truck