Sanitary Rotary lobe Pump
ST Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pump
Food, pharmacy: GMP, HACCP system production equipment
Biotechnology industry: Blood plasma, protein products, lab applications
Cosmetic industry: Cream, makeup lotion, hair glue, shampoo, bath cream, hair rinse, toothpaste, etc.
Food industry: Syrup, chocolate, fruit juice, condensed milk, yogurt, milk, bean paste, dressing, etc.
Three Screw Pump
CR Three Screw Pump
Heat supply equipment: fuel spray, conveyance pump of fuel supply
Machine industry: Hydraulic pressure, lubricating, lathing oil pump
Petrochemical, general chemical, food industry: Conveyance and supply of materials
Shipbuilding industry: Conveyance, pressure boost, fuel injection, lubricating oil pump
Twin Screw Pump
CT Twin Screw Pump
Crude oil pipeline transfer
Oil refinery
Tank terminal load/unload
Power plant fuel pump
Chemical industry process pump
General Industrial Centrifugal Pump
O-type Self-Priming Pump
Chemical industry, liquid fuel conveyance
Conveyance in wine, soybean sauce and other fermented food industry
Vessels, miscellaneous purposes, coalmine, water drainage on mine mountain
General industrial water supply, sewage drainage, farm irrigation
Water supply for tank containers vehicle, water supply truck, water sprinkler truck
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
SW Single Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump (Flat Sided Port)
Vacuum immersion
Vacuum heat treatment
Vacuum refrigeration and drying
Vacuum forming
Vacuum metallurgy
Vacuum sterilization
Vacuum packing, filling
Vacuum degassing
Extraction, condensation
Solvent recycling
Vacuum suction, handling, fixation
Vacuum dehydration
Vacuum foaming
Multiple purpose pressure source reduction
Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump
GRD Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
Vacuum pumping for clean gas
Vacuum thermal isolation
Vacuum immersion
Vacuum heat treatment
Vacuum degassing
Vacuum forming
Vacuum metallurgy
Vacuum sterilization
Vacuum packing
Vacuum deodorizing
Vacuum extraction
Solvent recycling
Backing pump of high vacuum systems