SWK Close-Coupled Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Vacuum immersion
Vacuum heat treatment
Vacuum refrigeration and drying
Vacuum forming
Vacuum sterilization
Vacuum packing, filling
Vacuum degassing
Extraction, condensation
Solvent recycling
Vacuum suction, handling, fixation
Vacuum dehydration
Vacuum foaming
Multiple purpose pressure source reduction
Product Description
  • Patented vacuum anti-knock structure, enhancing operational safety
  • Continuous and steady pumping speed, simplified construction, applicable to long-time operational environment with frequent pollution sources
  • Simplified construction, compact size, convenient installation, saving space
  • Near isothermal compression, large pumping volume, low exit temperature, high safety
  • A variety of sealing liquids may be used, suitable for any gas
  • Changeable materials, shaft seal, easy installation and maintenance
Product Specifications

Performance List Download

  • Single-stage liquid ring vacuum pump
  • Max. inlet pressure: Atmospheric pressure
  • Pumping speed: Up to  3,000 Liter /min
  • Max. vacuum:  60 Torr  ( 45 mbar)
  • HP: 2 ~ 10 HP
  • Shaft seal: Mechanical seal
  • Transmission: Motor Close-Coupled transmission
Standard Accessories
  • Butt joint flange
  • Motor stand
  • 3-phase induction motor: 208~480V 60/50Hz
Optional accessories
  • Air-water separating tank
  • Air  ejector
  • Bypass valve
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Flow gauge
  • Heat exchanger